Thursday, June 21, 2007


Unique way to go fishing! This guy has just started out on his own and cant affoard a boat as yet so he has this makeshift contraption of a tyre tube in which to sit attached to a creel. It works for him! Ingenuity!


  1. He has been very skillful!
    You have here interesting photos!
    I will be back after my busy time.
    Do you have plenty of photos in Flickr? I have seen there beautiful sunset pictures by "magiceye"

  2. Maybe even less trouble than a boat!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog!
    My flickr is not organized, but if you look at my photos of February, you may see something different compared with your climate :) And some photos are almost good, I think !

    We celebrate this weekend Midsummer Festival and after next night days start to shorten, now they are 20h2min long.
    So , happy Midsummer festival to you too!

    I will go and look at your flickr photos!

  4. Anu - this looks a little dangerous! Do big boats come by, leaving a wake? I also wonder - are his legs hanging straight down from the center of the tire or is there something underneath to support him?

    I've seen a few very tiny boats like this in the Ganges and the Chao Phraya in Thailand. I wouldn't want to try it here in the Mississippi.


  5. LOL I have a similiar tube for "tubing" down the river. Low maintence and easy to transport.

  6. strangetastes... this is not anu's post. anyway thank you for your visit and comment.