Friday, July 6, 2007


Unfazed by the flooded streets, this boy has come out to take advantage of the situation and play water polo! In his hands is a coconut that he found floating in the waters! Mumbai is typified by this opportunistic never say die behaviour.


  1. I noticed that about most inhabitants of India. When life hands them lemons, they make lemonade ;-)

  2. I guess when you live in a monsoon region you worry more if the rains DON'T come.

  3. nice flooded street shot, looks like a disaster!

  4. No chance that's the same autorickshaw driver we caught taking a nap a couple days ago is it?

    Thought we were going to have streets like this yesterday -- there was a big front coming our way but it slowed down and eventually just fell apart before it got here.

  5. that is a lot of water. So in Mumbai, kids can take a boat to school while in Northern Ontario, some kids have been known to use their snowmobiles to get to school (but that's just during the winter time).

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