Saturday, April 5, 2008

The boat

This is the typical boat that is used to ferry people across people between the Gateway of India and the Elephanta caves. The Elephanta island is located about 13 km away from the Gateway of India at Mumbai. These caves house rock cut temples dating back to the 5th century.


  1. @Maria...This is the Arabian sea

  2. ooooh, I would love to visit those caves! Any chance I can get a glimpse of them through your photos? :-) Nice boat pic.

  3. How many people get ferried across each year?

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  4. Nice photo of the boat.
    I have visited Elephanta caves many times, but the most memorable visit was when I was dating Jitu in my college years.
    Beautiful caves and a breathtaking view from the island, chirping of birds, the calm and quiet surroundings make it a very memorable visit.