Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Toy train

The toy train takes passengers from the jetty to the footsteps of the Elephanta Caves. This journey takes a couple of minutes and costs only Rs.10/- for a return ticket per head.


  1. that is a cool train

  2. It does look more like a toy than a real train. Nice photo. Cool train.

  3. tour de l'île en train touristique, c'est sympathique. J'aime bien le titre, il va bien avec la photo.

    Tour of the island tourist train, it's nice. I like the title, it goes well with the picture.

  4. Apparently, everyone is posting train photos today. :-)

  5. wow, that's a cool train. Earlier, we used to walk up there.
    So, lots of changes since I've visited Elephanta. I'll surely visit soon before the monsoon, coz there's no boat service to Elephanta then.
    I'm back online today after 3 days.
    Great series of photos, also the crossover and the island from a distance.

  6. must be an interesting ride, i posted a picture of a small railway a few days back, they have a steam engine which still works and gives rides to people, lovely picture.