Sunday, May 25, 2008

Golden carpet

There is a Golden Carpet every morning during summer when the road is covered with the peltophorum flowers. This is on a street in Bandra (East), a laid back suburb of Mumbai


  1. i love the trees - do you know what kind they are?

  2. this is a very beautifully captured shot...spring still lurking around...nice one!

  3. @MEDITERRANEAN KIWI.. They are deciduous trees growing to 15–25 m (rarely up to 50 m) tall, with a trunk diameter of up to 1 m.
    For more click on

  4. I bet that looks gorgeous. I would love to see something like that over here.

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  5. How pretty. Makes a nice change to the usual litter on the streets that we all see.

  6. It's a beautiful sight.
    Saw all your photos of Ghanteshwar temple, Hotel Rice Boat and Elephanta. All that I had missed till now.
    Grreat photos..
    I loved the bells, the waiter, the meal and the handwash the most.

  7. I love seeing street pictures.It gives a better idea of the place where one lives.

  8. i love the trees - do you know what kind they are?