Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lord of the Bells!

Ghanteshwar or Lord of the Bells, is the temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman (monkey God). This is in Khar, a suburb of Mumbai. Devotees donate a bell to the temple as and when their wishes are fulfilled. Looking at the number of bells it surely seems like a lot of people have had their wishes granted by praying here! From tomorrow we will see the temple and its bells from many different angles and closeups too.


  1. Seems like a good place to have your wish come true!!!
    Do the bells ring?

  2. Sure! The bells are ringable!

  3. Bell-a-rama! That is a lot of wishes granted. Great scene.

  4. Seems like it's much better than dropping a coin in a fountain. Do we know what those people wished for? I mean, is there something written about their donators on/in the bell?
    Your title made me laugh. :)