Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The 'sadhya' is an assortment of curries, rice, appams(like pancakes), rasam(soup) and payasam(dessert) along with papadums, onion rings and banana chips, all served on a banana leaf placed on a tray. This was the speciality of the day at the speciality restaurant 'Rice Boat' in Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai.


  1. Ah, that looks inviting. It's interesting to see the regional variation as well - when I go to the city and eat at an Indian restaurant, I usually get the lamb saag with paneer. And my palate is too tender for the very hot servings, so they bring the milder version for me. I don't think we have any Indian food in Mendocino county these days.

  2. j'aime beaucoup la nourriture indienne, on a de très bon restaurant sur Paris. Ton assiette donne envie.

    I love Indian food, it was very good restaurant in Paris. Your attitude makes you want.

  3. I have to translate Olivier's comment - the online translator doesn't really do the job: "I love Indian food. We do have very good restaurants in Paris. Your plate makes me droll."

    And I agree: I cannot help but salivate at that yummy presentation!

  4. It looks such a colourful and tasty selection of food. I'd love to try it :)

  5. Looks tasty -- I love Indian food and wish I could try this!


  6. what i like about indian cuisine is that there is always so much colour on the table - makes for a very delectable meal