Thursday, May 15, 2008


A skywalk being constructed from the Bandra railway station in the east to the Bandra Kurla Complex. This is to ease the pedestrians' tensions of being runover on the street below.


  1. j'espere qu'il va être construit rapidement, car sur ta photo les piétons n'ont pas beaucoup de place et cela semble dangereux

    I hope it will be built quickly, as on pedestrians in your photo have not much space and it seems dangerous

  2. It will be a welcome addition to your city if it keeps people from fearing they will be run over by vehicles.

  3. Good idea to stop people getting squashed!

  4. It will be a great spot to take picture high above!!
    and so safe on top of it!!
    A great improvement.
    have a nice WE.