Saturday, June 21, 2008

Space crunch

Mumbai is the city to make ones dreams come true. The city that affords opportunities to all those willing to work their butts off! Hence, it is overcrowded to the last mm of space available. Mumbai also had the dubious distinction of hosting the biggest slum in Asia, in a place called Dharavi. But now most of these slums are being demolished and the slum dwellers being given decent housing by the city fathers. These slums are not easily demolished because they have become votebanks for the local politicians.


  1. its sad that some people have to lvie like this, but sometimes, its the only way to improve your life.

  2. looks like there is a long way to go.

  3. Great photo of these roofs. Good to know that slowly people will be rehoused. It's always politics...

    Apologies for lack of comments recently. I'm in America. But slowly, hope to start commenting a little more regularly.

  4. I assume that this is the shanty town that one can see when driving in from the airport. It is good that the government is building housing for people. From what we were told while visiting there, Mumbai is a magnet for people from the rural areas who want to work hard to get ahead, as suggested by your post. The question will be whether more housing can be build fast enough, or whether more people will continue to migrate to the city at a rate faster than the addition of new housing units.

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