Monday, August 4, 2008

Flyover Dadar!

This is one end of the flyover/bridge that goes over the entrance to the local Dadar railway station. You can imagine the chaotic conditions if the traffic had to go through the crowds seen in the photo posted yesterday!


  1. c'est l'affiche d'un chanteur où d'un acteur que l'on voit ?
    is a singer shows where an actor you see?

  2. @olivier.. no that is a poster of a young politician of a political party

  3. I like the little beige van on the right. Cute!

  4. The traffic seems to be heavy in the block ahead.

    Abraham Lincoln
    —Brookville, Ohio

  5. Wow! Oliver Thought Raj Thackrey is an actor or singer... he acts.. thats true and wants whole of Maharashtra to sing to his tunes as well...

    The Dadar series reminded me of this really good sweets shop where I bought delicious sreekhand from... unfortunately the name skipped my mind.

    Waiting to see more of Mumbai!


    P.S: Sorry for commenting on ur page after so long. I come visiting daily though. :-)

  6. Oops realized belatedly that it is not Raj but Uddhav...