Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Challenge - Wheels

Pictured above are the wheels of a Ground Power Unit truck alongside the nose wheels of a Boeing 777 Long Range aircraft at the Mumbai airport.
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  1. How did you get close enough to get this shot? In the U.S., after 9/11, you can't do this! "Louis" was kept from taking photos at the Port of Oakland recently. He finally succeeded by going to the pier where the ferry boat between Oakland and San Francisco loads and got a few decent shots.

  2. Beautiful shot. Yours had to be something to do with aviation.
    Real close and cool shot.

    Check out my 'Wheels'here

  3. Nice shot!
    I think that must be the wheel of a plane..

  4. Good point Louis makes, taking photos creates much suspicion in many places these days. Your photo is really cool - it's amazing to me how casual the people look considering they're standing under such a big honkin' airplane body, with just those tiny little blocks holding it back, LOL!