Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ABC Wednesday - T for Tails

Tails of aircrafts at Mumbai airport.

To view fascinating interpretations of 'T' please click here


  1. ces avions me font penser que dans quinze jours, c'est les vacances direction NYC ;o)))
    these planes make me think that in fourteen days, it is holidays direction NYC ;o)))

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  3. Nice shots of those tails. Great "T" entry.

  4. Beautiful ABC post and My world post, too.

  5. Fantastic composition and framing!

  6. A good post for T - I've seen them coming over us on the approach to Manchester.

  7. Neat post! You always have terrific airplane shots!

  8. Synchronized takeoff rolls... a new Olympic event?

    Very cool.

    I couldn't get the astronomy shot I was going for last night. Alas, the moon had wandered too far from the two planets to get what I was after.

  9. good interpretation of the "T"
    hope all's well after last week's events
    - Mindless Mumbai