Monday, April 4, 2016

Monochrome mania

Entrance to the Worli Fort in Mumbai.
The Worli Fort was built by the British around 1675 in Worli, Mumbai, India. The fort, built on the Worli hill, overlooked the Mahim Bay when the city comprised seven islands. It was used as a lookout for enemy ships and pirates.

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  1. Great shot...I think I'm either seeing a peepul or a banyan tree strong enough to make a crack. it's better be uprooted..

  2. Fine photo. I like all the angles. Those blocks look strong and well finished, as if the walls will last forever.

  3. Awesome.
    Been in Bombay/Mumbai for so long and never visited this place.

  4. The British erected a fort ? They just destroyed according to the History !! Nice captre

  5. A beautiful Black & white frame.