Saturday, May 20, 2017

Bandra Jewish Cemetery

On Kadeshwari Mandir Marg in Bandra west.


  1. This is such a compelling picture. Thank you for all your views of Mumbai and Bandra West.

  2. It appears to be neglected and the sign about no parking is certainly ignored. Poignant shot!

  3. Nice shot! It's too bad that people decide to litter the area. We have that problem to in the bigger towns.

  4. I lived in Vile Parle for 25 years, relatively close to Bandra, but never knew of third Jewish cemetery there. I only knew about the Worli cemetary.

    The existence of the Bandra cemetery means there must have been a Jewish community in that vicinity as Mr. Perry relays.

    I am not sure why BI jews did not have a synagogue associated with a cemetery, just most churches have in the world. 🤔