Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Quarantine tents

Quarantine tents on the MMRDA grounds in Bandra east, to quarantine and facilities for hospitalisation for Covid19 patients. Each tent can accommodate 1000 patients. The recovery rate for Covid 19 patients is 71% in Mumbai.

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  1. ...sounds good if you are among the 71%.

  2. Stay safe my friend. I have shared this post with my friends here in Hawaii as we plot our own future. Recently we have pushed back opening beyond August for now.

  3. Hari OM
    the year continues to be surreal... YAM xx

  4. I think... as if it does matter, but... 27C I see you have. Why put those people into tents?
    "Corinna" can spread, develop even better.
    Open Space, "school-lessons" for the kids, open-air cinem.... what do I know.
    Weird times.

    1. The rains are here. It is monsoons in Mumbai. Putting people in tents as hospitals are full.

  5. The crisis continues. At least the patients have a place to be treated or stay. Stay safe!

  6. The recovery rate is very good. I can't imagine so many people sick at one time with our rate at virtually zero. Stay safe.

    Your support for 'My Corner of the World' is much appreciated! Thanks for your link this week.