Thursday, July 22, 2021

Pub posters

 All phrases in Hindi with a local flavour, translation might not be so much fun. However, shall give literal translations. These signs are in a local pub in Bandra east.

Next to the Beer Solution poster - Your brother will take care. Next - Son, you won't be able to do it.

Bottom left - Your brother doesn't get high. On the beer mug - Vitamin P (drink in Hindi).

Bottom right - Where can I find a friend like you?

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  1. I like the Problems/Solutions.

  2. ...somethings can be lost in the translation! Too many people think that problem can be solved with a bubbly drink! Thanks for sharing and translating.

  3. So they are promoting beer, good ways of doing it.

  4. Nice collection in a language you don't often see and then from beer. Seems even more rare to me.

  5. Oh, how did I miss this. Hm... sometimes one beer can calm a heat discussion off indeed.

  6. Fun signs :) Not a fan of bear though :)