Saturday, October 14, 2017


Street in Kumbharwada.


  1. Wonderful photograph, Deepak. Home again then?

  2. What strikes me about this photo, and about many of your photos, Deepak, is the color and beauty juxtaposed with poverty. I may be wrong, but it seems like such a hard life to sit in the street and try to sell. Yet this is a beautiful photo.

    1. Thank you Petrea. It sure is a hard life but they take it in their stride to make a living.

  3. I was going to make a comment similar to Petrea's. That has got to be a difficult life and a difficult way to make a living.

  4. Interesting how one photo can strike a particular note. My comment was to be along the same lines as Petrea's - that one is immediately grasped by the colour then struck by the range in styles of dress and of economic backgrounds within that few square yards.

  5. I have been to this city as well as others in India, and the contrast between the colours worn by the street people and the life forced upon them by their poverty is eye-catching and quite extreme. I had to steel myself and my emotions on a number of occasions. You will not find more gentle people anywhere else. The resilience of some people on this earth is quite amazing.

  6. Wonderful photo ~ so filled with color and energy ~ ^_^

    A ShutterBug Explores ~ aka (A Creative Harbor)