Saturday, June 1, 2019

CDP Theme Day - Pink

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Street art or Graffiti in Bandra.

Click on the link below to view a short clip I made on Street art in Bandra.😊

To view images of the CDP Theme day from all over the world click here


  1. Hari OM
    Murals - definitely; art - certainly; graffiti - only those where some have scrawled their names beside these works! Thanks for the compilation Deepak. A delight to view! YAM xx (back in The Hutch today...)

  2. "Stop Existing Start Living" is my favorite!
    And "Drowning in the ocean of alternatives" is sadly, true, too!
    You could´ve given this to all mural-lovers at Sami´s Colourfulworld on Monday Mural...

  3. What A Beautiful Video - So Much Talent - Very Powerful - Well Done


  4. Loved the video Deepak, so much inspiring and positive messages in your street art. Love your choice for the theme day ✨

  5. The skill is great but I think I would find it overwhelming to live in a neighbourhood where there is so much 'going on' on the walls. On the other hand, once having got used to it, I might feel as if I'm living in an art gallery and enjoy it. The one you have put on this page - it's done in such a way that the words look as if they've been cut out of velvet.

  6. Bright and different art works!

  7. Beautiful street art! Thanks for sharing.