Sunday, June 2, 2019

Mahalakshmi temple

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Way to Mahalakshmi temple in Mumbai. This is one of the oldest temples in Mumbai built in 1771 A.D.
The legend is that 3 idols of the deity were immersed in the sea off Worli by the devotees to avoid desecration by the Muslim invaders. This was when Bombay comprised of 7 isalnds. Subsequently during British rule the British Governor William Hornby entrusted the task of connecting all the islands by a causeway to an Indian engineer Prabhu. The link between Worli and Malabar Hill kept breaking and one night Goddess Mahalakshmi appeared in his dreams and suggested he recover the idols from the sea and construct a temple on the coast, which he did, and all the islands of Bombay were successfully connected. Today it is one of the most visited temples in Mumbai
Due to restiction on photography of the temple, this is the best image I could get using my phone camera.